*SALE* $3.75 Per Pound (Hanging Weight)

Our cattle at Western Legacy Farm and Ranch come from a six generation herd of Angus Cross cattle. They are homegrown and make premium beef. Our cattle have always been raised on the mountains of southern Utah and the deserts of the Arizona Strip. These cattle are grass fed , hormone free and finished on grain before they go to the packer.





What happens when we take your order for a quarter/half or whole beef?

When we take your order for a quarter/half or whole beef, we try to give you a date when it will go to the meat processor. When the beef goes to the processor we will give you a follow up call to get your instructions for how you want your beef cut. The beef will then dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 7-10 days before being cut. The reason it is dry aged, is that dry-aging helps tenderize the meat. Cutting, packaging and freezing takes another 2- days, so your order will be ready for pickup about two weeks after the date the animal went to the processor. You will pick up the meat at the processor, and at that time…

Decisions, decisions... Figure out how to have your beef order cut. Read through our guide to selecting your cuts.


If you want to order a quarter please read this. If you are interested in a half, or whole skip this paragraph.

If you ordered a quarter, what you will receive is commonly called a “split half.” Because, the cuts of meat in the front half differs dramatically from the back half, we evenly divide the cuts between the two to make it a fair offering. This will somewhat limit how you can have your beef cut, as it is compromise with the other customer, who will be haring the half. Again, this applies only to quarter orders. If you ordered a half or whole beef, you won’t have to split the cuts.

What will your beef cost?

The cost is $3.95/lb hanging weight, again, this does not include the processing, which runs about $0.60 per pound. The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass, before it is processed into individual cuts. Your take home weight of meat will be about 25-35% less depending on how you have the meat cut.

Average hanging weights:


120-160 lbs = approximately $450-600 for the meat, and about $75-$100 for the processing.


240-320 lbs = approximately $900-$1200 for the meat, and about $150-$200 for the processing.


480-640 lbs = approximately $1800-2400 for the meat, and about $300-$350 for the processing.

What you will receive with your order:

The table below gives the approximate amounts of each cut that you will receive. Your order may vary slightly from this, and you may opt for different cuts that these where it is possible. For instance, you may prefer T-bone and Porterhouse steaks rather than NY strip and Tenderloin—did you know that a Porterhouse steak is composed of a NY strip on one side of the “t-bone” and tenderloin on the other? You may also wish to have some cuts turned into ground beef, such as the brisket or short ribs.


Individual Cut Quarter/split half Half Beef Whole Beef
Chuck Roast 10-12 lbs 20-24 lbs 40-48 lbs
Rolled Rump Roast 3 lbs 5-6 lbs 10-12 lbs
Sirloin Tip Roast 3 lbs 5-6 lbs 10-12 lbs
Round Steak or Stew Meat 3-4 lbs 6-8 lbs 12-16 lbs
Ribeye Steak 2.5-3.5 lbs 5-7 lbs 10-14 lbs
NY Strip Steak 2.5 lbs 5 lbs 10 lbs
Sirloin Steak 2 lbs 4 lbs 8 lbs
Tenderloin Filets 1.5 lbs 3 lbs 6 lbs
Flank Steak .5 lbs 1 lb 2 lbs
Skirt Steak 1.6 lbs 3.2 lbs 6.4 lbs
Brisket 2 lbs 4 lbs 8 lbs
Short Ribs 2 lbs 4 lbs 8 lbs
Soup bones with meat 4 lbs 8 lbs 16 lbs
Liver 1 lb 2 lbs 4 lbs
Ground Beef 45-50 lbs 90-100 lbs 180-200 lbs
Total amount of beef 84-93 lbs 168-186 lbs 336-372 lbs
Approximate Freezer space needed 3 cubic feet 6 cubic feet 12 cubic feet


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